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Here at Namesake, we are a church of action. We are more than just a church, we are a family. Involvement is the key to making a difference in the world. We offer several different types of ministries for all age groups. We encourage anyone and everyone to get involved in some form of ministry here at Namesake. We are a community-centered church with great ambition and a love for people. We are a place where life-long friends are made and families are reconnected. Come be apart of our movement!


We are the Blaze Youth aged 13-19. Young men and women called, chosen and brought out. We are sent into this world to be a Holy Nation, our lives illuminated by the light and love of Jesus Christ. He is our life source. He is our passion. He is our purpose, and He is our love. And we will do anything and everything to reach other teens, young adults, and the rest of this world with that Love. Blaze Youth meet every Sunday morning for a young adult class and discussion group.  We also schedule regular events and fellowships, so check the calendar for the next upcoming Blaze Youth event.


Here at Namesake, we not only want to provide a place of spiritual growth for children but also a time of fun and enjoyment.  Kidz Quest is designed for all children ages 5-12.  With regular classes on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, our children have the opportunity to receive the Word of God each week.  While they are learning about the Bible, children at Namesake develop friendships with one another.  Kidz Quest sponsors events such as our annual Vacation BIble School, "Back to School" rally,  and numerous contests throughout the year. We look forward to seeing your children in Kidz Quest!


Elders in the church are worthy of honor, but they also face many unique circumstances as they enter the "golden years" of life.  People with Purpose is designed to help seniors, 55+, foster an environment of spiritual growth and fellowship one with another.  People with Purpose sponsors a monthly event.  Check the calendar for our next scheduled event.


The Namesake Choir promotes powerful and inspiring worship services. The choir ministers during the Sunday AM & PM services here at Namesake. The choir ministry gives people the opportunity to sing praises to and glorify God while sharing their God-given talent. The Namesake Choir also sings a variety of christian music styles. We are continually growing and hope that you will join us in participating in worship unto the Lord! 

Cooking Class

"United" is a ministry group designed for those between the ages of 20-35. Although we may not be teenagers anymore, we still love to have fun! Whether you are starting your career or starting a family, we are here to make sure we stay UNITED as believers. So come and get involved with like-minded young people who are striving to pave their way in the world and in their walk with God.


"Rooted" is a ministry group designed for those between the ages of 36-54. These are our middle-aged saints that like to be active and fellowship with one another. Rooted is catered to a slightly more established and mature crowd that still loves to maintain friendships by going to different events and sharing God's Word with one another. We help each other stay strong and continue to grow in our walk with God so that we can stay ROOTED in God.

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